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interest amt. crossword clue

AdvertisingTo make an obvious play or expose cards in such a way as to deliberately convey an impression to opponents about the advertising player’s style of play. The Universal puzzle of 2006 features the four theme entries in the exact same locations as the NYT version. What makes this a special case is that three of the four theme clues are identical as well. In fact, this quote works so well as a crossword theme that it’s been used in the Times twice before, in 1985 and 1992 (both of those before Will Shortz took over as the NYT’s crossword editor). This is about as unsuspicious as a crossword with duplicated theme entries can be. Building on Roeder’s work, let’s drill down further into Parker’s main defense, which is that crossword puzzle themes sometimes do get innocently repeated.

interest amt. crossword clue

Guts, guts to openA game with no opening hand requirementAny of several poker variants where pots accumulate over several hands until a single player wins. Free cardA card dealt to one’s hand after a betting round in which no player opened. One is thereby being given a chance to improve one’s hand without having to pay anything. Four of a kindA hand containing four cards of equal rank. Dry potA side pot with no money created when a player goes all in and is called by more than one opponent, but not raised. If subsequent betting occurs, the money will go to the dry pot.

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The bring-in bet is typically a quarter to a third of a small bet. The bring-in bettor may look at their cards, and place a full bet if they choose. Bottom endThe lowest of several possible straights, especially in a community card game. Bomb potA hand where each player agrees to place a predetermined bet amount into the pot before the hand is dealt. BalancePlaying very different hands in the same way, with the aim of making it more difficult for an opponent to gain useful information about the cards a player has. Action onlyIn many cardrooms, with respect to an all-in bet, only a full bet can be reraised.

  • This is not intended to be a formal dictionary; precise usage details and multiple closely related senses are omitted here in favor of concise treatment of the basics.
  • Coupled with the three repeated theme entries in the same order, this is the first of our examples where, in a vacuum, I would wonder whether the second constructor had swiped the theme from the first.
  • A small plastic card issued by a bank, business, allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit.
  • Can also be used as a verb meaning to bet out into the pot, to lead into the pot.
  • FlashAny card which becomes briefly exposed by accident to at least one player must be shown to all the players by the dealer during dealing.
  • Ah yes, it all changed in the early 2000s when it was bought by NBC.

Due to cost, home games tend to use paper cards. It is not unusual for paper cards to become bent quickly. Card quality can be preserved for longer if players agree not to bend cards, and proper shuffling techniques are used. Bottom pair, bottom setIn a community interest amt. crossword clue card game, a pair made by matching the lowest-ranking board card with one in one’s private hand. Blind studA stud poker game in which all cards are dealt face down. Was popular in California before legal rulings made traditional stud legal there.

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Eight or betterA common qualifier in high-low split games that use ace-5 ranking. Only hands where the highest card is an eight or less can win the low portion of the pot. Dry boardA measure of texture of the community cards. A board is considered dry when the cards on the table mean that it is unlikely that any player has improved their hand’s strength since before the flop. CardsStandard playing cards are used. In home games it is common to have two decks with distinct backs, and to shuffle the unused deck while each hand is in progress. Casinos typically use plastic decks that can handle the added wear and tear, as casino players often read their “hole” cards by peeking at the corner rather than lifting the card.

Two constructors could have come up with this theme independently. It’s slightly unusual, but unusual things happen all the time.

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Hit and runCashing out of a ring game shortly after winning a large pot. Considered poor etiquette by most players barring extenuating circumstances. Players will generally be informed that their table is a forced-move table to be used in this way before they agree to play there.

UnderdogAn underdog or dog is a player with a smaller chance to win than another specified player. Frequently used when the exact odds are expressed. TurboA type of tournament where the blind levels increase much faster than in standard play.

These cards consist of the jack, queen, and king of every suit. PerfectThe best possible cards, in a lowball hand, after those already named. Penny anteFrivolous, low stakes, or for fun only; a game where no significant stake is likely to change hands. OrbitA full rotation of the blinds at a table, equal to the number of people at the table. Open limpBeing the first person in the pot preflop by calling the big blind.

interest amt. crossword clue

To goThe amount that a player is required to call in order to stay in the hand. Snap callWhen a player makes a swift call without any forethought (usually against an all-in) because of the high strength of their hand. Slow rollTo delay or avoid showing the winning hand at showdown, it is widely regarded as poor etiquette. Royal cardsRoyal card are also known as face cards and picture cards.

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Move inIn a no-limit game, to move in or to go all in means to bet one’s entire stake on the hand in play. Micro-limitInternet poker games with stakes so small that real cardrooms could not profit from them, are said to be at the micro-limit level. LeadThe player who makes the last bet or raise in a round of betting is said to have the lead at the start of the next round. Can also be used as a verb meaning to bet out into the pot, to lead into the pot. FreezeoutThe most common form of tournament.

  • If USA Today and Universal come to the same conclusion, then they should treat this as plagiarism.
  • High-low split games often require a minimum hand value, such as eight-high, in order to award the low half of the pot.
  • Anything less than a full bet is considered to be action only, that is, other players can call the bet but not raise it.
  • If you are stuck trying to answer the crossword clue “Amt. based on 100”, and really can’t figure it out, then take a look at the answers below to see if they fit the puzzle you’re working on.
  • Hand historyThe retelling or documentation of a hand played.

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